Artificial intelligence for
National Defense

Spear AI’s mission is to accelerate the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning for defense.

Visionary developers and trusted advisors

We love solving hard problems and finding simple solutions for the warfighter.

  • Reinforcement learning for Decision Advantage

    Inspired by the success of OpenAI Five, AlphaGo, and other Reinforcement Learning breakthroughs, Spear AI’s Omega platform harnesses RL to provide a simple and dynamic abstraction of real-world operations.

    Omega transforms modeling and simulation by making every game piece intelligent and rapidly iterating through customizable scenarios in an adaptive virtual environment.

    Each parallel iteration produces unique outcomes based on tactical and strategic decisions made by friendly and adversarial agents. This course of action (COA) exploration provides decision makers with valuable insights about their decision space before, during, and after real-world scenarios.

    “For every second that passes in the real world, we simulate thousands of massive multi-agent environments in parallel.”

    Joseph Obeid, Data Scientist
    Screenshot of Omega
  • We build and scale Enterprise AI

    Our team knows how to start, grow, and transition enterprise AI programs in the national security space. From data pipelines to cloud architecture and algorithm development, we offer government partners a singular advantage through our experience on the frontier of defense AI.

    Domain expertise

    Our diverse team of veterans, scientists, and software developers bridges the civilian-military divide with deep knowledge across multiple defense domains. Our customers rely on our team’s quick study and rapid learning to attack problems with both fresh and proven ideas.

    Technical excellence

    Spear AI is determined to raise the standard of technical performance in the national security space. We bring exceptional software developers, machine learning engineers, and data scientists to the fight — always.
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